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Sunday’s elections. More choice, more problems?

For obvious reasons I don’t write too much about politics in this blog. It should be about our life here, but sometimes politics can touch one’s personal situation. Sunday’s general elections could be such a case. Spanish conservatives are expected … Continue reading

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The road is repaired

It always starts when you least expect it. We know by now the sounds of the cars of the Pedros, Antonios and Fransicsos drive by El Guarda every morning of the way to their piece of land to do their … Continue reading

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Pistachios, Andalusia’s new olives?

Suddenly everybody talks about it:Pistachios. First I heard it from Henk who decided to plant a few dozen of hectares with it on his newly acquired finca. Then Antonio who asparagus plants stopped producing after the normal 13 years; may … Continue reading

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Spain the world number 1 producer of oil and wine

A few of the the things that often come to the table at El Guarda is olive oil and wine, both as a product as well as a topic for talks. Almost all our guest have seen the millions of … Continue reading

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Ten shades of Spain

My regular readers know that, in general, I do write very positively about our life here in Andalusia. We love the country and its people. There is so much to and to see do that after years we still explore … Continue reading

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