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Palaces and casa-palacios in Sevilla

As there is a lot to do and to see around here we are blessed with an increasing number of returning guests every year. And as if this is not enough every year new things are added to it to … Continue reading

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Trapped in Sevilla

Very often we warn our guests not to go to certain restaurants as they are well known tourist traps. Tourist Traps are places were you pay a lot for low quality food, where the staff’s interest might not be you … Continue reading

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Sevilla Ciudad de Ópera, another reason to go there.

I have written before about all the things that Sevilla has to offer. Recently I came across a new combination for me. I mentioned before the city is quite inspiring and obviously not just for me, but also some to … Continue reading

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Semana Santa, week of processions

In two weeks it is Easter, when the Andalusians will drop their work and go back in time. Last year I wrote here something about it, but will go a little more into detail. Semana Santa is one of the … Continue reading

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Flamenco, the real thing

Often we are being asked by our guests where they see a Flamenco performance. To be honest: the novel-type-street-corner spontanious outburst of this pure Andalusian dance will be hard to find any more. But still there are many places that … Continue reading

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Lawrence of Andalucia

Reading about the passing of Peter O’Toole, many of us are taking the time to revisit one of the legendary actor’s greatest works: Lawrence of Arabia, a film whose adventurous spirit and exotic locales also inspired scores of travelers to … Continue reading

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Parque de María Luisa, not just a walk in the park

Very seldom we get, some would rather say we take, the opportunity to be a tourist in ‘our own’ country. However sometimes visiting guests, friends and family help us a bit in the right direction. Like last Sunday when Elvira … Continue reading

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