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Top 4 Olive Oils in the World from Andalucia

Many ‘cultured traveller ‘will have seen his fair share of wineries, may even have tasted some of the finest vintages and built a good knowledge base around grapes and wines; but how many of these same people can name more … Continue reading

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Spain the world number 1 producer of oil and wine

A few of the the things that often come to the table at El Guarda is olive oil and wine, both as a product as well as a topic for talks. Almost all our guest have seen the millions of … Continue reading

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The olive harvest has started, but still wait and see.

One of the advantages of our winter break is of course that we can stay as long in our bed as we want, or rather as long as Sam allows us to do so. However these days when it gets … Continue reading

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It giet oan: Olives!

‘It giet oan’ are world famous Frisian words in Holland announcing a 200km ice skating tour and getting everyone nervous. Well, the same excitement happens here when the local Cooperativo anounces that they will start running the olive mill. That is what … Continue reading

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