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The olive harvest has started again

It is December in the Valley, the weather is good so the noise of the olive pickers is all around us again. There isn’t any major rain expected, so the olives won’t grow much anymore thus there is no reason … Continue reading

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Olive oil the liquid gold, but for whom?

Here in Alcalá the 2014/15 olive campaign is really over now. The olives have been picked, the ones that fell on the ground collected, the trees have been pruned, the wood burned and the artificial manure spread under the trees … Continue reading

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The olive harvest has started, but still wait and see.

One of the advantages of our winter break is of course that we can stay as long in our bed as we want, or rather as long as Sam allows us to do so. However these days when it gets … Continue reading

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It giet oan: Olives!

‘It giet oan’ are world famous Frisian words in Holland announcing a 200km ice skating tour and getting everyone nervous. Well, the same excitement happens here when the local Cooperativo anounces that they will start running the olive mill. That is what … Continue reading

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