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Xenophobia in Alcalá, wonder if they know the word

When I was in Holland recently, there was no way for me not to notice once again the turmoil around the far right political figure of Geert Wilders. In the same time hearing about how Mr Le Pen of the … Continue reading

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Glad we didn’t vote!!??

So Loli was re-elected as mayor of Acalá del Valle. Last weekend there were local elections in Spain and even in small places like Alcalá, but also villages much smaller have a Town Hall with a mayor and the whole … Continue reading

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Money wasted? El Monasterio de Caños Santos

As we were on the Romeria of Alcalá del Valle last week we visited the Monastery of Caños Santos on which premises the bigger part of the activities take place. It was sad to see that the building a decade … Continue reading

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Feria: Jesús or Joana, there is something there for every one’s taste

Spain – and especially Andalusia again – is the land of the ferias and fiestas. Taking into consideration that every single village is celebrating its patron once a year, there are thousands of these festivals. All of them are quite … Continue reading

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Picking apples, 40% of Alcalá moves to France

August is nearing and Angeles and Antonio are making preparations for his annual three months trip to the south of France where he will pick – mainly – apples to ensure that there is some extra money coming in. Three … Continue reading

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Vamos a Romería

It was a Wednesday, a crisp and pure day -May 1rst – and the people from the village of Alcalá del Valle were slowly gathering in the main square. Men atop handsome horses, an entourage of brightly colored floats, girls … Continue reading

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Alcalá del Valle…..? What’s in a name?

After last weeks blog on personal names, something else came to mind: Ever since we moved over here and especially when we have our occasional drives through the country side I am wondering where theses sometimes stanges names of places come from. Also … Continue reading

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