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Thanks for reading me

Some 5 years, 250 posts and 30.000 readers ago I started off with: It wasn’t until someone recently asked me where they could buy postcards of Alcalá that I realized there are probably no postcards of Alcalá. There aren’t any … Continue reading

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My view on Brand Spain

Last week I wrote a post about the way that the Brand Spain is developing and later I was thinking about how I feel about it. We always tell our guests that the strong points of living here in Andalucía … Continue reading

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The weather, always good for someone

As a Dutchman you never stop talking about the weather. In the elevator, at the bus stop and the coffemachine at work. Working in the hospitality business in Spain you are always torn apart between hoping for the rain for … Continue reading

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Again no rain, at least not here

No, these people aren’t looking for their car keys. Tuesday I drove to Ronda to have my – long overdue –haircut. Trying to drive a bit fast, being a few minutes late, I got ‘frustrated’ as I was stopped several … Continue reading

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The summer of 2015

This post isn’t written to rub salt in the wounds of everyone in North West Europe that have had their share of rain these weeks. 😉 In Holland people always talk about the weather, firstly I guess because it is … Continue reading

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How a youngster’s death make statistics come alive

In this blog I have written before about the economic situation in Andalusia, its impact on employment as well as its relationship with drop outs from schools. Another aspect of course what the huge unemployment under the youngsters does with … Continue reading

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Picking apples, 40% of Alcalá moves to France

August is nearing and Angeles and Antonio are making preparations for his annual three months trip to the south of France where he will pick – mainly – apples to ensure that there is some extra money coming in. Three … Continue reading

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