The beautiful part of bull fighting

Plaza-de-Toros-de-ArchidonaBullfights have always been a symbol of Spain and, more particularly, of Andalusia. The bullfighting tradition as we know it nowadays was born here. Many of our guests visit the bull rings, not to a fights  but for the sake of feeling a bit more about an important part of Andalusian culture.Of course our neighbour Pedro has his own small bull ring where famous matadors train and bulls are being selected for their last 15 minutes…..

The three most beautiful real Plaza de Toros in this area that we have seen are the following:

Of course the one in that is one of the oldest and most picturesque bullrings in Andalusia. Built in 1785, it saw -thanks to fighter Pedro Romero the first bullfight on foot ever.In those days, the Plaza de Toros in Ronda was a Real Maestranza de Caballería, a centre for horsemanship training, where bulls were employed too. When an aristocrat fell off his horse, Romero came to his help, distracting the bull with an hat. As later the hat was substituted with a cape, bullfighting art was born.The architecture of the bullring remembers that of the Charles V Palace in the Alhambra of Granada.

Built in 1758, the bullring of Seville is among the oldest of Spain. Its Baroque architecture is a true symbol of the Capital city of Andalusia, together with the emblematic Arabic monuments of Torre del Oro and the Giralda.It is known especially for being the first place to see the modern bullfighting on foot, rather than on horseback, together with the bullring in Ronda. It can welcome up to 12.500 people.

In the days that we were travelling through Andalusia we came in the lovely town of Archidona, were they were just building up a ring. It does not have the typical bullring, but they build one every year on the Ochavada (Octagonal) square which makes it such a peculiar site. It is bordered by plenty of buildings, among which the town hall, from whose windows you can enjoy spectacular views over the bullring. (see photo)

It somehow gave me a feeling of being a tiny the Piazza Il Campo in Siena.


Although we aren’t fond of bullfighting at all we are always impressed by the atmosphere around it, being, the fighters, the buildings and the history.


About The El Guarda Posts

We are a Dutch couple - Miranda and Hans - that has after having searched for a small hotel to buy in several countries around the world we came across El Guarda and fell in love with it straight away. We would love to share our excitement for the place and its surroundings with our guests and invite you to stay with us for some days when travelling through gorgeous Andalucía.
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