Mr Henderson’s Line, another way to explore Andalucia

mr Hendersons RailwayLast night we were having dinner at Frank’s place in Arriate with some friends with kids and these were waiting in vain for the trains of 22.00, 23.00 and 24.00 to pass by (as Frank promised them that would be case 😦  )

May be another case of mañana, mañana or just lack of money. If the latter is the case then there is good news as last month, the EU assigned EUR 140 million of funding, via FEDER (Fondo Europeo de Desarrollo Regional, the European Fund for Regional Development) to the Bobadilla/Antequera-Algeciras line and Mr Henderson’s Railway, gets  EUR 19.5 million for security installations.

Mr. Henderson’s railway goed from from Ronda train station to Algeciras, near Gibraltar. It is a great day trip for guests to undertaken when the weather isn’t that optimal, or if one feels to have driven enough through always bigger than expected Andalucía. The train line was engineered, in the late 19th century, by a British gentleman named John Morrison and backed by his wealthier…friend Sir Alexander Henderson (hence the name). It was constructed so the garrison officers on Gibraltar could escape the claustrophobic atmosphere of the rock, and enjoy the surrounding countryside of Andalucía…..

It is described as one of the most beautiful train journeys in Europe following the Guadiaro River Valley, passing through several white villages, crossing 20 bridges, through 16 tunnels and climbing an altitude of 730 metres in just 1,5 hours. First hand, I can tell you it is a very scenic ride. It takes you to parts of Andalucía most travellers rarely see: Ride through 16 mountain tunnels and across 20 bridges spanning death-defying gorges and lunch trackside in quaint Victorian stations converted into trendy restaurants.
A tip: Go to Ronda and catch the early train (and don’t forget the cava), enjoy the amazing views and watch out for the Storks nesting as you approach Algeciras. Lunch in Algeciras or spend the day in Gibraltar then catch the late train back.

May be after that on the way back to El Guarda a dinner at Frank’s La Muelle de Arriate and hopefully be you are more lucky and actually see some trains passing by.


About The El Guarda Posts

We are a Dutch couple - Miranda and Hans - that has after having searched for a small hotel to buy in several countries around the world we came across El Guarda and fell in love with it straight away. We would love to share our excitement for the place and its surroundings with our guests and invite you to stay with us for some days when travelling through gorgeous Andalucía.
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