A very late lunch

conspiracy-theoryFinally it was to happen, a thank-you lunch with Angeles and Antonio. They have been extremely helpful over the last few months, even more than normal, looking after Sam and El Guarda as we had to be in Holland more than we had hoped for, due to personal circumstances.

So last Saturday we drove off to Frank’s place in Arriate to find out that he was fully booked and our reservation that we had made a few weeks before had been forgotten. As Arriate is only 5km away from Ronda, with its zillions of restaurants we decided to go there to find out that of our favourites there, called Almocabar, was closed (for Saturday lunch). Not to worry as on the opposite site of the square there is this place with the always nice couple and their daughter Maria: Casa Maria. Full. We got the feeling that there was something fishy going on. A conspiracy? And – okay the weather was beautiful – why were there so many people on the streets?

This winter we have had a good experience at Casa Carmen opposite the Town hall, so we made another few turns to find out that they were into what now certainly was a conspiracy: closed. The clock kept ticking and though here in Spain you can have lunch at times that people in Holland start thinking about dinner we became a bit hungry.

You can imagine that must have been close to desperate because we decided to park the car under the Plaza del Socorro, the Tourist Trap area. Spanish as we have become by now we decided to give it a try at Meson Rondeño, just of the Plaza. Full as well….

On our way that McDonald’s we passed by the Macias brothers who have become since that moment our new best friends. During our late lunch, which was not bad at all, we found out that also this conspiracy theory wasn’t true, nor that that the crisis was over as Angeles had been suggesting. No, it turned out that it was Dia de Andalusia, a fiesta. We had just been punished by higher powers, because of the fact that we had forgotten that very important day.

Of course we are grateful to Frank for giving us the opportunity to discover culinary Ronda.


About The El Guarda Posts

We are a Dutch couple - Miranda and Hans - that has after having searched for a small hotel to buy in several countries around the world we came across El Guarda and fell in love with it straight away. We would love to share our excitement for the place and its surroundings with our guests and invite you to stay with us for some days when travelling through gorgeous Andalucía.
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