Feria de Sevilla, the April Fair in May

april-fair-sevilleOne of the many wonderful things about Andalusia is the locals have such a zest for life and enjoy their wide range of fairs, amongst them is probably the most internationally renowned Seville fair also called ”Feria de Abril” or “Feria de Sevilla ”. However, no April Fair this year: The tradition says that the fair is held two weeks after the Easter celebration, so sometimes it falls within May like this year, when it takes place from the 6th of May until the 11th of May.
The Seville fair goes way back to 1847 when it lasted for three days. In 1952 the fair was extended to last for six days as it is of today and each and every hour is enjoyed!
The Seville Fair is held in an area which the locals of Seville call “Real de la Feria“. It in the district of “Los Remedios” where there are hundreds of “casetas” (tents) set up. The casetas can either be public or privately hosted. The streets of the fairground are all named after bullfighters and are beautifully decorated with paper lamps and literally thousands of colourful lights. Dancing in the casetas spills over into the streets with almost all of the ladies in their blazing coloured flamenco dresses – the sound of sevillanas vibrates through the fair.
The main entrance to the fairground is characterized by a large shaped arch in the street Antonio Bienvendia.
Every year the main entrance has a new theme and this year’s theme is the “water kiosks”.The water kiosks were built in the late 19th century when the area had serious water supply problems and many people from the countryside had to go to Seville city in order to collect water.
Over 20.000 light bulbs are used for the main entrance to the fair site and the fair is inaugurated on Monday at midnight when the lights are switched on. This night is also called “noche de pescadito” (fried fish night) where the casetas open up and fried fish is eaten.
Talking about eating: One of the advantages of visiting the fair is that you can enjoy the great variety of tapas and Andalusian cuisine. It is especially the jamon serrano ibérico and shellfish dishes that are mostly preferred – and one should not forget to enjoy a glass of chilled fino sherry or cold beer to accompany the food.

We encourage or guests  and other visitors to Andalucia to go there. And for us? Yet another thing to put on our Bucket List ….


About The El Guarda Posts

We are a Dutch couple - Miranda and Hans - that has after having searched for a small hotel to buy in several countries around the world we came across El Guarda and fell in love with it straight away. We would love to share our excitement for the place and its surroundings with our guests and invite you to stay with us for some days when travelling through gorgeous Andalucía.
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